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May 21, 2018. While these states had some of the lowest rates, the state with the lowest average auto insurance increase for adding a teenager is Hawaii with.

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Aug 11, 2015. Adding a teenager to a family's auto insurance policy is a sure way to. an average of 77 percent to the cost of their parents' auto insurance.

Jul 30, 2015. Car insurance for teens doesn't have to break the bank. Average increased cost to a sample family when adding one teenage driver to the.

Learn about the best insurance options for teenage drivers with our guide. While the average annual rate for its teen driver auto policy isn't the cheapest–at.

It's important for parents to understand the factors that go into calculating the cost of car insurance for a teenager to help reduce the sudden added expense.

The Average Cost of Car Insurance Per Month : Car InsuranceUSAA offers discounts on car insurance for young drivers. Members can get a policy at a great rate, and receive the coverage they need.

Car Insurance for Male Teens. On average, adding a male teen will raise your premium by.

Oct 10, 2017. When parents add a teenager to their car insurance policy, their rates are likely to go up an average of 78 percent, according to a study by.

Learn about the pros and cons of adding your teen to your car insurance policy. For most parents, this is option B for a simple reason: the cost of 2 separate. Safe cars often mean less risk (which insurers love) and, with Esurance, they can.