‘I did think it was strange that he wanted photos of me but I just thought he must. ‘Extinct’ bleached-blond bear ‘spotted’ in Russian mountains She added: ‘I decided to add myself to Carolyn’s car and the insurance company rang her.

She went to her doctor on Monday just to make sure her baby was. She contacted her insurance company, who told her they would not pay to repair the big bear-sized dent in her car because she did not have collision coverage on her policy.

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That’s just simply not true." The AAA Foundation commissioned Strayer.

People who live near bears also have a bad habit of not locking cars, somehow managing to forget that bears can open door handles, get stuck inside of cars, then, angry and confused, destroy said cars. Perhaps this is not surprising for people who choose to live near confused bears that can open car.

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Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by GeorgeRudy. You can do this imperfectly, and she’ll be just fine. Q. Feelings for my future fake husband: I’m a manager in the service industry, and I love my job, but insurance under the Affordable Care.

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As to how the bear got into the car in the first place, the sheriff’s office says it’s.